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M.A.R.R.S. - Pump up the volume samples

I have spent quite some time to track down all the samples featured on the dance classic "Pump up the volume". I haven't found all, so if you have any samples that are not in the zip file, please contact me. I am especially looking for that arabian track used(Ofra Haza???).

17mb zip file with 36 samples.
My version on pump up the volume.

M.A.R.R.S. - Pump up the volume
Released 1987
BPM 113
Key A minor
delay in msec: 631

Music: S & M. Young
Guitar: A. R. Kane
Scratching: CJ Mackintosh
Samples: John Fryer
Scratching/drop-ins: Dave Dorrell
Producer: M. Young
Engineer: John Fryer
Recorded at Blackwing
M'n'S Music/Blue Mountain Music

1987 CJ hooked up wilh Dave Dorell and joined his group Nasty ROX taking over from Nelle Hooper (Soul II Soul/Massive Attack). With Dorell and two members of Colour Box, they created the seminal House track "Pump Up The Volume" by M.A.R.R.S. This was an international hit and was responsible for opening up the pop market to Dance Music as we know it today


Money Talks: (Stax 1978)
* "Holy Ghost" (Intro) (aos 3 min)

Byrd, Bobby
single: (Brownstone 1971)
* "Hot Pants. . . I'm Coming, I'm Coming, I'm Coming"

Castor, Jimmy Bunch
It's Just Begun: (RCA 1972)
* "It's Just Begun" (1'20")

Graham Central Station
Ain't No Bout-A-Doubt It: (Warner Bros 1975)
* "The Jam" (Drums)

J. B.'s, The
Doing it to Death: (People 1973)
* "Introduction to the JB's"

* "More Peas" (Yeah Yeah)

Kool and the Gang
Spirit of the Boogie: (De-Lite 1975)
* "Jungle Jazz"

Last Poets
This is Madness: (Metrotone 1971)
* "Mean Machine"

Trouble Funk
Drop the Bomb: (Sugar Hill 1982)
* "Pump Me Up"

B-Side & Fab Five Freddy
single: (Celluloid 1982)
* "Change le Beat" (Vocals: "This stuff is fresh!")

Sumner, Geoffrey
A Journey into Stereo Sound: (London ?)
* "Train Sequence" (Vocals: "This is a Journey Into Sound")

Public Enemy
YO! Bumrush the show(Def Jam 1987)
"You're gonna get yours"

Wattstax: (Stax 1972)
* "I Don't Know What this World is Coming To" (Vocals)

Paper Lace
The Night Chicago Died
"Long screeching doppler sound"

And many many more.......


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